Grey Recycled Mailing Bag 12 x 36 Inch (25.4x90.0cm)

Number of Bags: 100 Bags
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Grey Mailing Bag 12 x 36 Inch (25.4 x 90.0cm)
  • Material: Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Material Composition: 100% Recycled
  • Recommended Storage Temperature:  13-21°C (55.4°F – 69.8°F) for optimum performance.
  • Ideal for long items such as Baseball Bats, Umbrellas, Small Mops
  • Extremely lightweight allowing you to minimise postal costs. 
  • Produced using co-extrusion technology and is manufactured from 50-60 microns thickness (220 -240 gauge).
  • Compresses 3 layers of polythene film into one making them very robust, opaque and durable.
  • 100% moisture resistant.
  • All season glue. Once the self-adhesive strip is peeled, sealed and settled, the bag is permanently closed and concealed.

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